In spring 2020, a limited-edition vinyl record titled TESSERACT was released in Germany.

The album features a rendition of Gennady Rovner's music improvised and performed by Leonid Chizhik, a legend of Soviet and world jazz.

This creative experiment is the result of years of friendship and communication between the two gifted, interesting and vibrant individuals. Leonid Chizhik is a world-famous jazz pianist, composer and teacher known for his improvisational talent and unparalleled professionalism in working with music.

Chizhik's unique renditions of previously released compositions by Gennady Rovner (which have already featured on albums by Tanaya and India Inside), as well as some as-yet unpublished works, open up new dimensions to this beautiful music. The diverse palette of styles, the melodicism and the energy of the jazz musician have allowed both the creators of the four compositions and their listeners to discover a new, multifaceted side to Rovner's works. This is reflected in the name of the album, Tesseract, referring to a four-dimensional hypercube (from the Greek τέσσαρες ἀκτῖνες, "four rays").